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Video Dhamma Talks

Here, you will find selected talks on Insight Meditation.

A detailed explanation of the practice of the Mahāsi Sayādaw’s insight meditation method by Ashin Kavindālaṅkāra of Paṇḍitārāma Meditation Centre, Pago (with English voice-over).

The first three videos explain sitting meditation, while two more are about walking meditation.

Phra Yuttadhammo gives a good explanation of why the mental noting or labelling is so important to the practice of insight meditation.

Chanmyay Sayādaw also mentions in his talk the importance of labelling in order to notice the mental or physical process attentively and precisely.

Former Prime Minister of Burma, U Nu, talking about Buddhism, and the importance of practising meditation to gain insight.

U Aggacitta of Malaysia explains the distinction between Samatha and Vipassanā from the Suttas.