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Pāḷi words require special accents for correct spelling. This site uses the Verajja font, which contains all of the Latin Extended Additional glyphs required for Pāḷi and Sanskrit. E-readers may also allow you to install custom fonts.

 Instructions for Kobo E-readers.

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Most of my booklets are now formatted for the convenience of reading online. If you want a printed hard copy, it is not difficult to print any PDF file as a booklet using PDF-XChange.

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Vivaldi is being developed by the former CEO of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner, with the aim of providing a highly customisable browser with built-in email client.

See my Vivaldi review page for an overview of the features.

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Wherever you see the PDF-XChange logo you can download a booklet in PDF format. To down­load several books, visit the author’s bio page, e.g. Mahāsi Sayādaw or Bhikkhu Pesala.

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This logo is for E-Books for Kindle / Nook in mobi format.

Using Vivaldi

There are some excellent Buddhist resources on the Internet, and many forums where one can discuss all aspects of Buddhism. Vivaldi browser can be customised in many ways to make the learning process more enjoyable. Web Panels, Custom search engines, Notes, and Sessions are great aids to study.

Installation is quick and simple. For maximum security, I recommend that you install Vivaldi to an encrypted drive, and use the Standalone option. This keeps all sensitive data on the encrypted drive.

Vivaldi is a web browser created by former Opera CEO Jón von Tetzchner. It is modern replacement for the old Opera. Many of the most useful features are already implemented, and more follow with each update. It now has built-in translation from Lingvanex.

Opera 12.18 took more than 10 years to become the powerful tool that it was, and Vivaldi is still some behind in a few areas. Nevertheless, it does what a browser should. More features are added every month, if not every week. Install the Snapshot builds for the latest improvements. The built-in email client is a huge time-saver. Feeds and calendar are also working.

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